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Let me help you find your own true beauty and enhance it. You don’t need to change who you are.

Client testimonials:

・Erina taught me that the feature which I liked the least could be turned into the best feature. (Client from Tokyo)
・I had more confidence in myself after the make up lesson. (Client from Fukushima)
・I didn’t wear make up much before, but after the lesson I’m looking forward to going out more with makeup.(Client from Osaka)
・Her lesson was so relaxing, it’s like getting a therapy. (Client from Chiba)
・When Erina saw me first, she already had the image which suits me. But she respected what I wanted for my look,instead of just pushing what she wanted to do like regular make up artists.(Client from Tokyo)
・It was like magic! I was amazed how I can improve my look with same make up products which I am using everyday.(Client from Kanagawa)

By getting the make up lesson, you can

1.Find your own true beauty which you hadn’t noticed before.
2.Learn the purpose of each step so you can understand the importance of that step.
3. At the end of the lesson, you will be allowed to recreate what you learned.
4.Meet “yourself, but more beautiful than before” using the same make up products which you’re using everyday or products which you didn’t know how to use.

About Erina Saito-Guenther

Owner of Gelisa Esthetic, a make up artist , New York State licensed esthetician.プロフィール写真
Born in Chiba, Japan, learned classical ballet or many kinds of dance in 14years from 3 yrs old.
After graduating Aoyama Gakuin University, she started to work for a big manufacturing company.
But started to search for something more fulfilling.  While working, took night classes in Make up artistry, Color analysis and Bridal make up.
After working as bridal make up assistant and make up artist for a cosmetic company, she moved to New York to study makeup and esthetics. She obtained New York State estheticians license in 2001.

Over 17 years experience as a make up artist and an esthetician in Tokyo, Japan and new york, U.S.A.
Working for one of top salons and doing her own business, providing esthetic services and doing make up lessonfor 10s to 70s clients.
When Erina was working for the cosmetic company in Japan, she was questioning the make up techniques which were intended “To make eyes look big”, “To make Asian women look more like Western women ” and “To try to make a woman look younger.”

She has always had a passion for makeup and esthetics. What she likes best about her chosen profession is making clients more beautiful, confident and happy by finding their own true beauty instead of trying to copy someone else’s look.  She kept pursuing her dream that she could establish a salon which provides services to allow all clients to be who they are no matter their age, feeling confident, happy and fulfilled.

Since Erina opened Gelisa Esthetic 慈恵理咲, which contains kanji from the names of her grandmother and 2 daughters name, in 2014, she has stressed a personable, clients focused service that is supportive of an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.  Her lessons are getting popular among clients not only in Tokyo, but has had clients come from Fukushima, Osaka, the United States, and Australia.

Services :Private make up lesson








120 mins private makeup lesson ・・・20,000yen until the end of June


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